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Entertainment Set Medic

Proudly serving California & Greater Los Angeles areas

with stellar emergency medical care & safety oversight

Cinematic realism has become a significant part of the movie-making process. Audiences are particularly well-informed about medical situations and know, for example, whether the CPR scene in your movie is true to...

In the motion picture industry, time has a direct relationship to money. When a cast member is unable to perform on schedule, the time they are unproductive can quickly jeopardize your production. You obviously want to keep these incidents at...

Planning an event in Southern California or the Greater Los Angeles areas? Don’t forget to book an emergency medical services professional. Medical emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time.  Should a medical emergency occur at your event...

Meet Jascha Dlugatch

Entertainment Set Medic 

My name is Jascha Dlugatch and I am a Set Medic. I have become a key asset in the entertainment industry due to my 911 emergency response experience. The entertainment industry relies on me to provide preventive and responsive emergency services. Set personnel can perform their duties with peace of mind knowing that trained, certified, and compassionate medical support is nearby. 

Witnessing the diligent efforts of medics who responded to a family member’s health emergency kindled a desire in me to help people. This led me to pursue and successfully complete the requirements for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. Since then, I’ve advanced from a non-emergency ambulance transporter to a critical care services subject-matter expert. 




"It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all of your hard work and always having a smile on your face. I know you brightened everyone's day on set."

Natalie M. , Producer

Jascha provided excellent service for our production.  He was extremely attentive to all our crew's needs and also kept us abreast of any potential safety issues as we moved about the location.  It was a hot, dry day outside and he kept everyone hydrated and safe, as well as providing swift medical care to a team member who had a fall early on.  He was also willing to work with our budget and kept the production team abreast of expendables throughout the day, which was very helpful.  I'd recommend Socal Set Medic for any shoot, large or small!


"Jascha was very knowledgeable of the local area and helped beyond the requirements of a typical set medic."

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