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set medic

Set Medic: Keeping Your Crew Safe and the Camera Rolling

In the motion picture industry, time has a direct relationship to money. When a cast member is unable to perform on schedule, the time they are unproductive can quickly jeopardize your production. You obviously want to keep these incidents at a minimum. Adding a set medic to your crew for immediate incident response will help to ensure your production stays on track. 

Jascha Dlugatch is a set medic who works on motion picture industry projects. His knowledge of medical services and experience handling 911 emergency situations are ideal for the wide range of incidents that can happen on a set. He also provides preventive medical services—establishing a safe environment at the start to lessen the likelihood of issues happening.


If a crew member suffers an injury, Jascha will have on hand all the tools and equipment he needs to tend to the situation.

To view the rental equipment that Jascha has available, visit the Services page.


For more information about Jascha Dlugatch, visit the About Me page.

If you would like to inquire about pricing and availability, please call or email Jascha.


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