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Set Medic Consulting: Getting it Right for Your Audience

Cinematic realism has become a significant part of the movie-making process. Audiences are particularly well-informed about medical situations and know, for example, whether the CPR scene in your movie is true to reality. How do you portray real-world medical scenes while keeping the momentum exciting for your audience? Partner with a qualified medical professional.  


Jascha Dlugatch is a set medic to the entertainment industry. His emergency medical service, experience and expertise are beneficial in every aspect of the production process. Whether you need a critical eye in the pre-production phase to review a script for medical accuracy or simply want a medical professional onset to verify medical references, Jascha can provide the support you need. 

To view the rental equipment that Jascha has available, visit the Services page.

For more information about Jascha Dlugatch, visit the About Me page.

If you would like to inquire about pricing and availability, please call or email Jascha.

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